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Jan. 28th, 2010 | 09:06 am

+ Where do you prefer to sit when you catch the bus?: Generally I try to get a window seat in the back, because my eyes suck--especially at night--and I need to be able to see where I am to pull the stop-request cord. Also because I am extremely socially awkward and hate having to sit in the inward-facing seats at front where it's almost impossible not to be looking directly at someone unless you're staring at the ground.
+ If you found a full tube of lip gloss on the ground, would you pick it up and keep it or would you throw it away?: If I were near a trashbin I would throw it away. Otherwise I would leave it, because who wants to touch some dirty lipgloss on the ground?
+ Do you ever listen to music to fall asleep to?: When my laptop is in working order, yes. Usually something like Lullatone or I Am Robot And Proud or Sigur Ros, something dreamlike and soft and ambient.
+ If your parents (or anybody else) found your cell phone, would they be horrified at any of the messages in our inbox/outbox?: Nah. Unless starfish and plan-making is offensive to you, and then yes.
+ Would you ever shave your head for cancer?: Sure. I mean I've shaved my head for no reason at all before, so I'd totally be willing to do so for a good cause.
+ Do you get offended if someone repeatedly checks their mobile phone when you're out for lunch or dinner?: No, because I'm pretty bad about it, too. Mostly just because I'm really OCD about time--if I wonder what time it is, I suddenly NEED TO KNOW! NEEEED TO!, and get anxious until I check. I'm also one of those people that feels really guilty if I ignore messages (because what if they need to know right away?) so I totally text back whatever I'm doing. It bugs people, I know, and I'm sorry :/
+ Could you spend the rest of your life with someone who had bad taste in music?: Sure, because I would still have my own (good) music as well. Someone else liking something certainly doesn't override your ability to have things that you like.
+ What is the stupidest thing you've heard somebody say recently?: You know, I've been surrounding myself with awesome people, so I haven't heard much in the way of stupidity. I've had some stupid callers at work but nothing noteworthy, that stuff all just blends together and rolls off my back.
+ Has anybody ever used the toilet in front of you?: A bum once shit on the sidewalk in plain daylight on SE Division in Grand Rapids while I walked by on the other side of the road. Does that count?
+ What band (if any) would you follow around the country while they went on tour?: I'm really not the type to do that. I love music, but I can't bring myself to obsess over a band enough to follow them on tour.
+ Think about the last person you kissed; the very first time that you kissed them, how far did the two of you go?: It stayed at a kiss.
+ How would you deal with a significant other who cried all the time?: Try to figure out what's upsetting them, and then try to make it better.
+ If your best friend confessed to you that they had an eating disorder, how would you react?: Since it's something with which I'm unfortunately pretty familiar, I would make sure they knew I was there for them to talk to no matter what, and try to help as much as I could (through harm reduction, helping find a program, or just being empathetic).
+ When somebody tells you they're going to have a shower, do you automatically picture them naked?: Nope, I automatically picture them clean and in fresh clothes.
+ How do you feel when you see somebody checking out your crush/SO?: Proud, in that "hells yes this piece of hotness is with me" kind of way.
+ How do you like your coffee? If you don't like coffee, what's your favourite hot drink?: Lots of different ways, honestly. It depends on my mood.
+ When you drink alcohol with friends, do you play drinking games?: Not generally, I can only think of two times ever.
+ When you have a song stuck in your head, does listening to that song make it go away, or just does it just make it worse?: It depends, I guess.
+ What was the last thing someone shared with you?: Dave shared some chips with me last night. He also shared his cold with me :/
+ Have you ever heard something that you knew would upset someone close to you, and had to be the one to tell them?: Probably but I can't think of anything immediately.
+ Who was the last person you had conversation with before going to sleep last night?: Dave.
+ Have you received any compliments today?: Yeah, actually.
+ Who all have you had a deep conversation with recently?: Dave; we have a lot of similar ideas about the universe.
+ What is something awkward that happened to you today?: Stumbling over the name of a business when one of its employees called :/ Oy..
+ Which would you prefer awkward small talk or no conversation at all?: None is better than awkward. Silence can be nice, dudes, we don't always need to be filling up space with mindless chatter. Especially in car rides--sometimes it's nice to just look out the window and be quiet.
+ Do you ever play with any of your pets?: Of course!
+ Have you recently cried?: Nope.
+ Who was the last person you gave the middle finger?: Wow, it's been years since I've done that. I can get pretty crass at times but mostly it's always verbal, not really a gesture I use much (if ever).
+ What was the last thing you did that had you laughing at yourself?: I'm so clumsy and awkward that I end up laughing at myself pretty regularly...
+ Is there anything that you're holding back on talking about to people?: Sure, everyone has those kinds of things.
+ Are you on bad terms with anyone right now?: Yeah, but I don't even waste the energy to think about it.
+ Have you ever seen karma bite someone in the ass before?: Hahahaha, yes. And it was most satisfying.
+ Is there any crazy situations you got going on in your life?: Not really, my life is deliciously placid at the moment.
+ How often do you use the camera on your cellular device?: All the time. Since my computer's been out of comission I haven't been able to post much on Facebook (it's really finicky about letting me send them wirelessly) but when I get it fixed I'll be able to use the card reader and dump a bunch of photos out.
+ Is there any word that really gets on your nerves to hear people say?: Surely, but I don't feel like thinking about it. Why get on my own nerves?
+ Who is the most outgoing person you know?: My cousin Calvin.
+ When was the last time you were at a party?: New Year's Eve. It was awesome :)
+ What other pages do you have open other than this one?: Google Reader.
+ Is there anything that you wish would happen?: Well if I happened to find like $1000 under my pillow or something that would be pretty righteous.

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