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Feb. 4th, 2010 | 08:53 am

+ Have you ever had to spend the night at a hospital?: Yeah, twice. Once nearly 2 years ago, and once this past July.
+ Are you currently trying to get over someone?: No, I'm good.
+ Do you still have your wisdom teeth?: Yes, they're still trying to grow in. It's really painful sometimes, but thankfully not lately.
+ Have you ever dated someone with longer hair than yours?: Yes I have, in fact.
+ Have you ever bought clothing online?: Yes but not often, I'm really fussy and I don't like not being able to try things on, because I have a weird body that clothes don't seem to get along with.
+ The last time you went to the emergency room, was it for yourself?: Yep.
+ Have you ever worn flip-flops in the snow?: No, I'm not stupid.
+ As a child, did you ever have a clown or a magician at your birthday parties?: Yes, a magician at my 3rd birthday.
+ Have you met someone who has undergone a sex change?: Not in person.
+ Do you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or something else?: Christmas, secularly.
+ Which room in your house tends to be the coldest in the winter time?: My 'house' is only one room with a bathroom, so... the whole thing :/
+ Do you own a leather jacket?: Not anymore, but I'd like to get a new one.
+ Have you ever been to an NFL football game?: No.
+ How was the weather when you woke up today?: Chilly but not so bad.
+ When was the last time you hit a pinata at a party?: I really can't recall. There were pinatas at the Aquarius party last year but I didn't hit them.
+ Are you a flirt?: I can be, sometimes unintentionally.
+ Who were you with the last time you went out for food?: Dave!
+ What was the last thing you bought online?: A power adapter for my laptop.
+ What shape is the sponge you use for washing dishes?: And odd sort of rectangle with the corners brought out like cat's eyes.
+ Did you get a hair cut within the past month?: Yes indeed.
+ If you use a three-ring binder for school, how many inches is it?: I’m not in school, but Brandon and Dieneke did get me a bright green binder for Christmas, for when I go back this spring. I think it's an inch and a half, off the top of my head.
+ Have you ever been arrested?: No.
+ How old were you when you met your first love?: 14.
+ Do you own a pair of those oversized headphones?: Not anymore, but I do really miss my Sennheisers.
+ Are you taking this survey in a place other than your home?: At work, on my lunch break.
+ Are you big on partying?: Not particularly. They're fun but I get burned out if I do it all the time.
+ Is your hair parted straight down the middle?: Today it is, usually it's on the side, but I didn't blow-dry it and I'm wearing a hat, so it doesn't really matter.
+ If you wear glasses, are your frames a different color other than black?: No, they're black.
+ Have you ever taken part in a parade?: Yes, for Girl Scouts when I was little.
+ Who are the majority of your text messages in your inbox from?: Dave mostly.

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