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1 August 1985
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I'm silly. I read comic books. I flail around to punk music. I've loved pirates and hello kitty since I was a child. I write stories and take pictures. I'm tattooed. I bake like nobody's business. And I really like stegosauruses.

♥ Knitting is Love ♥

, a clockwork orange, androgyny, anti-nazi, baking, big stompy boots, björk, boredom-busting, chelseas, chinese food, chuck palahniuk, colorful hair, comic books, cooking, cowboy bebop, cultivating useless talent, dancing like a spaz, dead kennedys, digital cameras, dinosaurs, dipped-cones from dq, dirty fingernails, diy, dropkick murphys, earthworms, eddie izzard, england, faking self-confidence, felt, fight club, filling out surveys, finding money, francesca lia block, french, gardening, german, glass bottles, glow in the dark, gravelly singing voices, harry potter, hello kitty, herbalism (herbology?), hidden surprises, horror films, igby goes down, imaginary things, independant radio, insomnia, inspiration from unlikely sources, interesting conversation, japanese street fashion, jean-pierre jeunet, kalamazoo, kangaroos, kitties, kung-fu movies, le tigre, little kids, losing weight, louis armstrong, making people grin, making things myself, masks, mechanical pencils, meijer's ethnic food aisle, modest mouse, mohawks, music, naming things, octopus, paganism, photography, pi (the film), pirates, post-apocalypse, punk, radiohead, reading, realizing my insignificance, russian, s'mores, sanrio, selling things, shoeboxes (imaginary and otherwise), short stories, singing, slash, sleeping in, slinkster-cool, slouching, stanley kubrick, stars, steampunk, tank girl, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the aggrolites, the clash, the cure, the dresden dolls, the eels, the tossers, the walking dead, things with wings, thrift stores, tim burton, tom waits, trampling things over, umbrellas, untidiness, vintage clothing, violins, wishing in wells, writing, x-men

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